Fishing Adventures with Bob Sharp

An IntroductionDuring the gloom of the last year’s lockdown, I set out to rationalise my fishing kit. The first job was the 15 or so fly boxes I had dotted around my work room, the second was to get shot of some of the stuff I had accumulated over the years and superseded with new kit and the third a resolution to be tidier and not hoard what Lyn referred to as junk, and, only buy new stuff that was essential!      For many of us, fishing kit [...]

April 21st, 2021|

Two Bobs’ Worth at Ravensthorpe

Bob Sharp and Bob Ayers 9 April 2021

This was Bob Ayres and my first fishing outing of the year, along with friends Phill and Andy. Thankfully we all decided to avoid an early start and arrived around 09.00 to find only four boats already on the water and a light breeze blowing towards the Dam.Encouraged by a modest midge hatch, we anchored about 70 m from the far bank and 200m from the dam. Our set up, a long leader and three black buzzers and Bob A, a blob [...]

April 15th, 2021|

CFT&FFC at Farmoor 2 – Keith Allison

March 29 2021Keith Allison and John Poote – John Goldie and Peter Aldridge

At long last we were allowed to get on the water and boat fish. John P had fished off the bank a couple of times earlier in March. He had to cast a long line to cover any fish and had caught one or two. However boat fishing will give an advantage to get over the fish.The weather was kind with a S Westerly approx 14mph, cloudy in the morning and sunny the afternoon.The house martins [...]

April 2nd, 2021|