Christmas Special Speaker – Allan Sefton

Thursday 12th Dec 2013


Allan Sefton opened the evening with a fascinating presentation entitled “Salmon fishing in Scotland – is it worth it?”.  Allan reviewed several rivers where he has had long experience of fishing, considered the options for different times of the year, and then the likelihood of catching salmon.  He then broadened his talk by considering options in Alaska, Russia and Norway.  Perhaps the most interesting message was that from the least expensive to the most expensive fishing, the average cost per salmon caught was consistently around £250!

Allan then tied a couple of his favourite flies for salmon fishing – the ‘Red and Yellow Tube’ and the Sunray Shadow Variant.  Those of us not familiar with tying salmon flies were pleasantly surprised that these were quite simple patterns to tie, and not nearly as heavily dressed as we might have thought.  And also intrigued to learn that many salmon are caught on simple black patterns on small, size 10 and 12 hooks, rather than the big, gaudy flies tied on heavy salmon irons we novices usually associate with salmon fishing.

Allan’s presentation had something for the very experienced salmon fishermen and total novices alike.