Project Description

Disco Shrimp (after Ben Bangham)


  • Hook: Czech Nymph eg Hanak 300BL #12
  • Thread: Rust Brown or Orange 8/0
  • Under Body: Sticky Back Lead
  • Body: Dubbing blend of UV Callibaetis (30%) and UV Shrimp Pink (70%) (from Hareline)
  • Back: Nymph Skin (3mm Translucent)
  • Rib: Leaf Green Wire (Brassie or Fine)
  • Pen: Sharpie – Brown (for colouring nymph skin and head)

Tying Instructions

  1. With hook in vice, create shrimp shape by making 3 successive wraps of sticky back lead strip gradually reducing coverage at front and rear of hook shank with each wrap.
  2. Start thread at eye and secure lead wraps by running thread up and down the full length of the lead.
  3. Tie in green wire at eye end of lead wrap and secure by running thread to rear of hook and returning to the eye end.
  4. Tie in Nymph Skin at eye of hook (leave 5mm excess at eye) and secure by stretching nymph skin over back of fly and running thread down shank to rear of hook.
  5. Apply a moderate amount of dubbing blend to thread and dub from rear to eye of hook to create a body that will brush out to form the apperance of legs.
  6. Trim off the excess Nymph Skin at the eye.
  7. Stretch the Nymph Skin over the back of the fly to cover the dubbing and create a shellback appearance, secure with two turns of thread at the eye, pull the Nymph Skin back away from the eye, make a small head with the thread before stretching the waste Nymph Skin and cutting off. Secure the thread with a half hitch. (The smaller the hook, the more the Nymph Skin will need to be stretched).
  8. Create a rib by winding the green wire in the opposite direction to that used for the dubbing and secure at the eye before worrying off the excess wire.
  9. Finish tying by creating a small head to match with the body.
  10. Use the Brown Sharpie pen to fully colour the Nymph Skin and the head of the fly (apply enough of the waterproof ink to create a dark colour for the back)
  11. Using an old cutdown tooth brush or velcro on a stick, tease out the dubbing down the sides to create the impression of legs.
  12. Remove the fly from vice and with a pair of pliers squeeze the sides of the fly to flatten the profile and “slim” the fly.