Project Description

Flexi-Floss Buzzer


Size10-14 Buzzer/grub hook, body colour thread, body colour & clear flexi-floss, body colour dubbing, orange flexi-floss.

Tying Sequence

  1. Attach thread at bend and tie a foundation thread to the thorax position.
  2. Tie in equal lengths of clear and body colour flexi-floss and bind down firmly. Trim the waste.
  3. Pull both strands of floss tightly and bind down with the thread in touching turns and continue down the body and round the bend. Return the thread to the thorax position in open spirals.
  4. Pulling the floss tightly wind a body in close touching turns .As you progress up the shank ease the tension on the floss to wind a slightly thicker portion to achieve a tapered effect.
  5. Tie off at the thorax position and secure the butt ends of the floss (take care that you secure the flexifloss as it unravels very easily.
  6. At the rear of the thorax position tie in beneath the shank a length of orange flexi-floss for a wingcase at right angles to the shank and secure with a figure of eight whipping. Secure the orange flexifloss out of the way using a material spring or some blu-tak.
  7. Dub on to the thread the required thorax colour material and wind a tight thorax.
  8. Pull the orange flexi-floss over and upwards of the thorax and secure at the head, remove excess and whip finish and varnish the head.