Project Description

Gold ribbed hares ear nymph


Size 8-14 Std shank med/heavy hook, brown/black thread, hares mask, oval gold rib, Cock Pheasant centre tail.

Tying Sequence

  1. Attach thread to shank 2mm behind the hook eye then wind in close touching turns down the shank to a position just in front of the bend.
  2. If required tie in an under body of lead wire securing this with crisscross turns of thread (super glue can also be used for added security). Return the thread to the bend.
  3. Select a small bunch of guard hairs from the leading edge of the hares ear and tie these in to form the tail approx ½ the length of the body.
  4. Tie in a length of oval gold tinsel.
  5. Remove enough hair from the hairs ear to form a dubbed body and apply this to the thread sparingly twisting the material in one direction only to form a dubbing rope.
  6. Wind this up the shank approx 2/3 and tie off clearing any unwanted fur from the thread.
  7. Wind the ribbing material in even open spirals towards the thorax position.
  8. Tie in a slip of P.T. fibres good side down for the thorax cover with the butts facing down the hook towards the bend and bind down the tips.
  9. Select a bunch of hares ear dubbing and mix with some longer guard hairs, form a dubbing rope, and wind the thorax.
  10. Pull over the P.T. fibres to form the thorax cover
  11. Finally whip finish and varnish the head and pick out some of the longer fibres in the thorax to mimic the legs of the insect.