Project Description

Lindsay Simpson, who is described as a fanatical fly fisherman, was the Guest Speaker on 29 March 2018. The main theme for Lindsay’s fly tying demonstration was grayling flies, particularly patterns and flies that are appropriate for harder to fish grayling streams – Wherwell? He started with a fly called the Mull Killer – a jig pattern tied on size 14 Hanak BL450, with a 3.5mm tungsten bead, Andrews Scruffy Highland Peat Dubbing, silver wire rib and Globrite #4 collar. Lindsay introduced “Andrews Scruffy Dubbing” – a blend of rabbit/hare/squirrel and a few “other fibres” which is receiving very good reviews for both colour and texture as a dubbing for nymphs. This range of dubbing was developed by Andrew Ellis. Additional flies tied by Lindsay included a “Fly with No Name”, the Mary Nymph, Parachute Adams, Cased Caddis, Perdigon Fly and a Sedge pattern. The Perdigon nymph pattern was developed by Spanish fly fishing competitors and are small, delicate, slim, heavy weighted nymph patterns aimed at getting down to the working depth quickly.

This was an excellent fly tying demonstration with an introduction to several unfamiliar materials and techniques.