Project Description

SW Nymph


  • Hook: Hanak Jig Classic #12 (eg H 400BL)
  • Bead: Slotted Tungsten Metallic Pink, ~3.2mm
  • Thread: Pink 8/0
  • Body: Pink Wire Brush
  • Tail: Squirmy Wormy (bright red or flo orange)

Tying Sequence

  1. Slide the tungsten bead on to the hook ensuring it sits on the hook eye (optional – fix in place with superglue)
  2. Secure (pink) thread up against the bead
  3. Tie in the squirmy wormy material and run the thread down the shank to the hook bend stretching the squirmy wormy material as you go to create a smooth underbody
  4. Tie in the wire brush at the bend and run the thread back to behind the bead
  5. Run the wire brush in close touching turns right up to the bead and secure with the thread – remove the waste wire brush
  6. Whip finish behind the bead (apply varnish to the thread)
  7. Cut the squirmy wormy tail to length (~ 2cm)