AGM and Speaker – Clive Collier

Thursday 14th Nov 2013

Clive Collier Talk and Fly Tying Demonstration


Clive Collier, a member of the Chiltern FT&FF Club, gave his talk and demonstration after the completion on the 2013 AGM.  Clive introduced his presentation by talking about his current approach to competition fly fishing on the reservoirs.  He now carried far fewer flies than he used to – about 300 that fit into a pocket-sized fly box.  We noted that most of the flies were quite sparsely dressed and included a lot of flies in small sizes (14 & 16).

Clive opened his demonstration with a special request to tie the McKay – a fly Clive devised and a favourite of many of our members.  He then moved on to some flies that were very new to most of us.  Clive tied a Unibobber dry fly which, with a hollow plastic sphere in place of a post, is so buoyant that it can be used as a bung fly – definitely one to try!  Then a Woofter, which is a variation of Cat’s Whicker booby, but according to Clive much more effective.  Not daunted by the late hour, he finished off with his ‘Clive’s Special Booby’ , a fry type pattern which involved the use of Marc Petitjean’s Magic Tool.  That will be a new challenge for most of us!  There was enthusiastic thanks to Clive for a real interesting and thought provoking evening.