Annual Fishing Trip – Chew and Blagdon

Tuesday 2nd - Thursday 4th Jun 2015

Eight Club members made the trip Somerset for the three-day stay at the Blue Bowl Inn. Breakfast was taken at Chew Lake Lodge and we then stowed our gear and with our partner for the day set course for the likely fishing hot spots (or not). It was a fair day when one would expect to catch a lot of fish but we didn’t or rather some did and some didn’t! But it was good to be out on the water keeping good company whatever the outcome. By six most of us made for the Pub for a pint and a shower before dinner, hardy souls JGo and KA stayed on for another hour hoping for an evening rise.

The Blue Bowl was comfortable and served an excellent pint, good cider and an acceptable glass of red wine. The food was good and plenty of it so we went off to bed well satisfied. Breakfast at 7:30 was huge and set us up for the day. The weather had closed in and we went off to Chew Lake in the rain. A change of partners, into the boat and out on to the water. The rain persisted all day but undeterred we worked our way through the fly box and with persistence most succeeded in getting one in the net. By late afternoon all but the usual suspect JGo had made off for a hot bath, some of us just don’t have the stamina! Another good meal, a pint or two and tales of the one that got away and we retired, with Blagdon to look forward to tomorrow.

The rain has stopped! Breakfast and off to Blagdon. Is there a nicer setting? We had ordered electric motors for the boats but there was some confusion as they had petrol engines on them. But RB was on the case and before long all was sorted.