Christmas Special – Speaker Peter Proctor

Thursday 10th Dec 2015

Peter  Procter demonstrating how to replace a rod ring

Peter Procter demonstrating how to replace a rod ring

Following an excellent ‘Christmas Special’ meal at the Cross Keys Inn, we returned to the Memorial Hall where Peter Proctor gave us the benefit of more than 50 years of rod-making experience.  He briefly reviewed the history of rod making, the physics of modern rods, the selection of components and how they are fitted to the ‘blank’ so that we could better understand how to look after our rods, carry out basic maintenance such as replacing worn or broken rings, and the possibilities and ways to repair a fractured rod.  The session after the coffee break was particularly useful as he demonstrated the equipment required and the processes for removing a damaged ring, preparing the rod for the new ring and then fitting a new ring.  Something we should all be able to do.  It was a particularly valuable evening for everyone since Peter showed that doing these basic repairs was much more straight forward than most of us imagined it would be.  Techniques that any competent fly dresser should be able to master!  Peter kept his very appreciative audience thoroughly engaged throughout the evening.