Fishing Day Out (Boat)

Saturday 27th Sep 2014

Fly Tying at Farmoor

On Saturday 27th September 2014 seven of us met at Farmoor to contest the Martin Grant Memorial Trophy. This competition consists of tying six fly patterns in the morning and using those patterns to boat fish Farmoor II in the afternoon, the winner being the heaviest bag. The winner has the use of Martin Grant’s Snowbee Whaldron vice for a year.

The fly tying session although being taken seriously consisted of the usual banter and comments on various abilities, most opted for the washing line approach tying Diawl Bach, Buzzers, Foam Daddies and Boobys, the chairman opted for a different approach insisting the fish would be on the top and taking dries.

The afternoon fishing started in flat calm with most people struggling, however when the wind came, fish started to be caught. I was given a lesson by Dave Dalby as he quickly caught his four fish and then had to watch me struggle to finish with two fish. Meanwhile Ken Wilcock and his boat partner, fishing foam daddies had a good time with four and three fish each. Richard Beckett and John Reid did pretty well with three and two fish respectively and the chairman’s dry flies must have been very pretty attracting lots of attention from the trout but finally he finished on one fish. At the final weigh-in it was very close with Dave Dalby on 8lbs and the worthy winner Ken Wilcock on 8lbs 1oz.

Everyone then made their way to the Bear and Ragged Staff for an excellent dinner and presentation of the trophy.

Martin Grant Trophy Presentation 001