Speaker – Caroline Emmet

Thursday 16th Jan 2014


Caroline Emmet’s theme for the evening was “A Few of my Favourite Flies”.  -Caroline began with introducing what was form many of us a new material – Snowshoe Hare – a very versatile material that can be used as an alternative to deer  hair or CDC.  The first pattern was a very buoyant and easy-to-tie “Humpy” which got everyone paying attention for the emerger and spinner patterns which followed.

Caroline then switched to beaded flies, again using less well-known materials such as Taser wire and Larva Lace – with some bug and nymph patterns particularly well-suited to Grayling fishing.

Caroline continued the theme of introducing unusual techniques with her blood worm patterns created by spinning Spanflex to make very mobile “worms” – both as a single worm and multiple pattern.  Caroline finished off the evening with the Peute Fly – a simple but effective Mayfly dry fly pattern, and the more complex “florist paper” sedge pattern.  A lot of techniques and ideas to take home and try!

John Reid will be leading next week’s Workshop to try tying some of these patterns.