Speaker – Alan Middleton

Thursday 21st Jan 2016

Alan Middleton tying sea bass fly

Alan Middleton tying sea bass fly


Alan Middleton made a very welcome return visit to the Chiltern Club with a remit to talk about sea bass fishing and demonstrate some useful flies.  He began by reminding us that sea bass fishing was banned until the end of June and then limited to one fish per angler per day from July to December!

Alan then went on to demonstrate the standard minnow pattern and its variants, a variety of sand eels, tube flies and a shrimp.  Just as importantly he described the methods he favoured for fishing for bass (and mullet), the right areas and, most importantly, choosing the right weather conditions and the right tide and time of day.

The was a particularly interesting evening for everyone since the vast majority of members had no experience or knowledge of this type of fishing and, if nothing else, it gave them some good ideas of how to start.