This relaxed, friendly competition and BBQ was once again held on Farmoor II. This is a boat contest with an eight fish limit. Thirteen anglers in seven boats took part.

The day started with light cloud and later developed sunny periods and a chill light northerly wind. From the start the boats scattered, people heading for their favourite spots.

Keith Allison quickly gave John Pearce a lesson in blob fishing by catching on the first cast. For the rest of the morning they drifted across the water taking fish from virtually anywhere and mostly on the Tequila blob tied on the point. Both lost a many fish. In the afternoon fish came to Diawl Bach, Partridge Mayfly and a green and black lure.

Ken Wilcock and boat partner James Wishart had a successful day and were so exhausted that they packed up early at 4.45pm. However, this was not before Ken had his best battle ever with a rainbow trout of 7lb – 2oz which had him playing it on most of the backing on his reel! James caught 5 fish for a total weight of 11lb 12oz.

The lunch was once again beautifully cooked by master chef John Goldie, and John Pearce’s wife’s tiramasu went down well – even if she did forget to put the alcohol in! We occupied our own little sun trap sheltered from the wind on the corner of the reservoir and enjoyed a bit of banter, a few beers and a glass or two of wine.

Everyone had noticed the very large number of fish swimming parallel to the bank as they drove from the main car park to the BBQ car park and all agreed that they would be trying this area after lunch. Apparently the large tanker seen earlier in the day on this bank had been re-stocking hence the large number of fish! A bank angler in the area had over 20 fish in the morning to a spider pattern including one weighing over 10lbs!

It was a really good day out, everyone appeared to enjoyed themselves – good food, good fishing and good company.

The competition was very ably won by John Goldie; the results were:

John Goldie, 8 fish, 19lb – 4oz

John Gamon, 8 Fish, 19lb

Ken Wilcock, 6 fish, 17lb – 6oz

Keith Allison, 8 fish, 16lb – 8oz

John Reid, 6 fish, 16lb – 8oz

John Pearce, 7 fish, 16lb

Andy Nash, 4 fish, 9lb

Geoff Darby, 2 fish, 5lb

Peter Goodwin, 2 fish, 4lb – 8oz

Stuart Foulds caught and released over 30 fish on cat booby, red Diawl Bach, black buzzer, black spider, blue flash damsel and biscuit blob. Richard Beckett caught and released 5 fish. John Reid’s guest caught 5 fish.