This relaxed, friendly competition and BBQ was held this year on Farmoor II, a boat contest with and an eight fish limit. Ten anglers in five boats were taking part. The day started quite cloudy and extremely windy, the far side of the reservoir offering some shelter so naturally everyone headed that way, anchoring or tying to a buoy being the order of the day. Fishing deep, static, big black buzzers was recommended and some caught on this method, in my boat we chucked everything and anything out without success. In the afternoon most braved the high wind and waves to fish the near bank with some success. I eventually caught on a gold headed green and black lure and a red arsed buzzer both fished fairly high up and on the retrieve.

The lunch was once again superbly cooked by John Goldie and my wife’s tiramasu went down well, we occupied our own little sun trap sheltered from the wind and enjoyed a bit of banter and a glass or two of wine. The strangest coincidence was John Goldie meeting an old friend he had lost touch with, he was quickly persuaded to join in the BBQ. Across the road fishing from the bank into the teeth of the gale a man entertained us all by catching three fish while we ate lunch, questioning him revealed he was fishing buzzers a few meters out. Naturally everyone decided this was where we should fish the afternoon.

It was a very hard but really enjoyable day out.

The competition was very ably won by John Reid, the results were:

John Reid 2 fish 5.25lb
John Goldie 2 fish 5lb
Dave Dalby 2 fish 4.5lb
John Pearce 2 fish 4.25lb
John Gamon 1 fish 2lb
John Budsworth 1 fish 2lb
The remaining four did not weigh-in.

John Pearce