Grayling Fidler

It was a great pleasure to have Steve Skuce and his wife Honor along to our meeting on Thursday 23rd January 2020.  Steve began the evening with a brief overview of his experiences of grayling fishing and telling us why fishing for “the Lady” was his favourite sport.  He explained the pros and cons of the various methods of fishing, that he had tried French/Spanish leaders and Tenkara but didn’t favour either, preferring instead traditional styles and in that context stressed the importance of using a furled leader.  Not surprisingly members didn’t hold back in purchasing some of Steve’s hand-made furled leaders in preparation for their next trip to the river!

Ginger Tom

After the coffee break Steve demonstrated tying some of his favourite flies, starting with the Ginger Tom, and then going on to tie the Supa Pupa, Micro Bug, Grayling Fiddler, and Hot Spot Nymph 11.  Steve entertained us well with many amusing stories throughout the evening and taught us a lot about fishing for grayling and tying grayling flies.  Not surprisingly, having experienced Steve’s expertise at first hand, members were keen to buy copies of his book at the end of the evening. John Poote will be the leading the Workshop on Thursday 30th January when we will attempt to tie Steve’s patterns and hopefully catch some fish on them!

Steve Skuce