Lindsay Simpson was the Guest Speaker on 17th January 2019. The evening commenced with a short video of his visit to Norway last year to experience the superb grayling fishing that is available.

Lindsay started by tying two grayling flies; one described as a sacrificial tag fly with a 1 gram jig back for use as the point fly and the other as a grayling nymph fished on a dropper.

These were followed by still water and reservoir patterns. Lindsay tied his version of the Grafham killer shrimp which is based on his successful experience of fishing the killer shrimp at Grafham. This was followed by a familiar damsel pattern with red eyes and blue holographic rib, a cruncher pattern, two Diawl Bach patterns and a CDC emerger pattern.

This was a typical fly tying demonstration by Lindsay Simpson with his own unique approach to fly tying including new techniques and the use of some modern fly tying materials. As previously he made good use of Andrews Scruffy Dubbing, Veevus 8/0 and GSP threads, UV resin and superglue. This made for an instructive, entertaining and enjoyable evening.