Wherwell Beat 10

The trip to Wherwell this year was on the same weekend as the Rugby World Cup semi-finals, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise! The weather on the Saturday morning was appalling, very heavy rain and wind gusting to 40 knots. Some brave souls ventured onto the water early but six of us met at the White Lion at 8:30 for breakfast and watched the England v New Zealand game. By 11:30 the weather situation had not changed much and continued for the rest of the day. No one enjoyed much success and we all got very wet! The bedrooms in the Premier Inn had the heating turned up and waders and jackets hanging from the rafters! We sat down to a few beers and an enjoyable meal at the Chestnut Tree Inn and the day ended on a high note. Sunday morning dawned dry and sunny and offered a much better day. Four to breakfast at the White Lion the rest on the river. The fishing again proved quite difficult with no sign of the Grayling shoaling up and just the odd one being taken. We departed around 5:00 pm John Poote having had the best day with around a dozen on small dry flies. Next year we are planning to perhaps go down to Wales for a change of scenery and some new waters.