Project Description



Size 10-12 medium/heavy wire hook, black thread, red floss tail, pearl tinsel body, red wire rib, black marabou wing, red holographic cheeks.

Tying Sequence

  1. Run the thread onto the shank just behind the eye and wind for 3mm.
  2.  Tie in a double thickness of red floss by the loose ends to form the tail and continue to wind down to the bend tying down the floss as you go.
  3. Trim the tail to 2/3 rds the length of the body, then wind the thread back to the eye in open turns.
  4. Tie in the red wire rib and bind down as you return the thread to the tail position.
  5. Tie in the pearl tinsel at this position and return the thread to 3mm behind the eye binding down the loose end as you go.
  6. Wind the pearl tinsel in touching turns back to the thread position and return it back to the tail position before finally returning it  back to the thread position.
  7. Trim any waste pearl tinsel then wind the red wire in open even spirals to the thread position  ( 4 or 5 turns only) , and tie off before removing the waste.
  8. Prepare the marabou wing in the usual way and tie in using the pinch and loop method .( The thread should be at least 3mm behind the eye
  9. Having secured the wing trim the waste end of the marabou and bind down to tidy the head up.
  10. Pinch the wing to length so that it is slightly longer than the tail length.
  11. Tie in a short length of red holographic to form one side of the cheek at the side of the head so that it lies in the middle of the wing and secure with turns of thread.
  12. Tie in another short length of red holographic to form the other side of the cheek and secure with more turns of thread.
  13. Finally, trim any waste, wind a small neat head, whip finish and finally varnish the head.