Speaker Evening – Al Owen

Al Owen is an experienced fly fisherman, professional fly tyer and a guide on Rutland Water. He has a particular expertise in the tying of the most common food of trout in lakes – the buzzer. Al not only demonstrated the tying of several highly successful buzzer patterns but also discussed the various aspects of fishing this nymph and its presentation. He extended his talk to include the Diawl Bach, cruncher and the FAB – the two tone version and the options for fishing it.

Al gave the benefit of [...]

October 20th, 2017|

Bob Sharp’s River Report for 2017 Season

River Lambourne : 4 May.

Arrived at the river to find the water level very low and a strong crosswind making things doubly difficulty. Dry fly was not safe so upstream nymphing, but lack of water and my lack of skill, conspired to allow only one, 18’’ Brown on a #14 PTN.

River Kennett, Benham Estate : 9 June.

Arrived to find a fierce downstream breeze, making fishing upstream very difficult. Finding sheltered areas through until around 5pm allowed a couple of wild fish to be caught, both on #14 GRHE’s. Early [...]

October 18th, 2017|