John Poote & John Goldie Farmoor 26 November

A chilly and very misty flat calm water greeted us with the sun hidden behind low cloud.  Warden Nigel raised our hopes when he told us previous day’s rod average was ten, but there might have been only a couple of boats out.  He also gave us a clue that white lures on a DI5 had worked. All we had to do now was find the fish.  Only one other trout boat was taken.

Mr Goldie in “Heron” mode ready to strike

For an hour the dense rolling [...]

November 30th, 2020|

Farmoor 2, 10 November 2020

John Poote and John Goldie

The water that greeted us early morning was very clear with a slight ripple.  Air temperature approx. 11degC to 14 C later.  Cloudy but bright.  Wind slight from SW.

We started at anchor 100m from Rainbow Corner along the South bank. John P on sink tip, John G on fast intermediate.   Both using cruncher, DB, John P a cat’s whisker, John G a McLeod black and green lure  on the point (this fly caught most of the fish).  JP’s had an intense lime collar.  No [...]

November 14th, 2020|