Project Description

Fall Fly – Ben Bangham


  • Hook:       Fasna Jig style, #16
  • Thread:    Veevus orange/tan, 14/0
  • Bead:        3mm  Tungsten, slotted, gold
  • Tag:          Globrite No. 7 Floss (or Multi-yarn)
  • Body:        Black soft fur eg rabbit
  • Rib:           Copper wire (fine)
  • Collar:      Lite brite orange dubbing (eg Soldarini) mixed with CDC fibres from 2 large CDC feathers (50:50 mix)

Tying Method

  1. Attach the slotted bead to the jig hook ensuring it is located correctly over the eye
  2. Create a tag with 4 – 8 strands of Globrite floss
  3. Tie in the length of tag material behind the bead and secure down to the rear of the hook, stopping just before the bend.
  4. Tie in the rib and secure at the rear of the hook.
  5. Attach a pinch of dubbing to the thread and dub the body towards the bead creating a carrot shape just up to the bead
  6. Rib the fly counterwise to the dubbing and secure the wire behind the bead, removing the waste.
  7. Cut the Globrite tag to length by removing material extending beyond the bend of the hook
  8. Remove all of the fibres from 2 good quality large CDC feathers and mix 50:50 with lite brite orange dubbing.
  9. Create a dubbing loop just in front of the bead, insert a pinch of the mixed dubbing and spin sufficient to secure the dubbing in the loop.
  10. Wind the dubbing loop behind the bead and the tying thread to create a thorax with the dubbing material strands extending beyond the rear of the hook.
  11. Secure the dubbing loop and trim the waste.
  12. Whip finish.
  13. “Pull” back the thorax material towards the rear of the fly and nip off any excess extending much beyond the rear projection of the fly.