Project Description

Clive Collier, who developed the pattern for the McKay, has very kindly given the list of materials and tying instructions for the Mckay.



  • Hook: Drennen Tradition Wet size 10
  • Thread: Dark Brown 8/0
  • Tail : Black Marabou with 2 pieces of orange twinkle each side of the tail
  • Body and Thorax: Hares Ear
  • Body Rib : Medium Gold Tinsel over ribbed with fine gold wire
  • Cheeks : Orange Glowbrite (CC prefers the coarser nylon version), these are tied in either side of the body behind the thorax
  • Thorax Cover : Canadian Goose Feather Fibre, dull side on top
  • Front Cheeks : White Glowbrite (CC prefers the coarser nylon version) these are tied at the eye of the hook on either side.

Tying Instructions

  1. Wrap thread to the back of the hook in line with the barb
  2. Tie in the marabou tail
  3. Tie in two pieces of orange twinkle each side of the tail; trim to the length of the tail
  4. Tie in the wire rib, then the gold tinsel.
  5. Spin hares ear onto the thread, and tie body to about one third of the hook shank.
  6. Rib body with gold tinsel, then over rib with gold wire.
  7. Tie in orange cheeks at the end of the body on both sides of the body; trim to size
  8. Tie in Canadian goose fibres
  9. Create a thorax of hares ear
  10. Pull goose fibres forward over the top of the thorax; tie in just behind the hook eye.
  11. Tie in white cheeks on either side just behind the hook eye.
  12. Trim the cheeks by pulling them forward past the front of the eye, and cutting tight to the front of the eye
  13. Whip finish and a drop of varnish