Project Description

Pink Czech Nymph


  • Hook: Partridge Czech Nymph #12 (new)
  • Thread: Grey 8/0
  • Body: flat lead + UV Hot Pink “Nymph-It” (Funky Fly Tying)
  • Rib: Black Wire (~0.18mm)
  • Thorax: SLF dark grey

Tying Sequence

  1. Run a smooth layer of flat lead in touching turns from the rear bend of the hook shank to the hook eye
  2. Run a layer of grey thread from the hook eye to the rear carefully binding down the lead as you go
  3. Tie in the black wire
  4. Tie in the Nymph-It “floss”
  5. Run the grey thread to within ~2mm before the hook eye further binding down the lead
  6. Run the pink Nymph-It floss in turns up and down the shank to give a solid colour to within 2mm of the hook eye and secure with the thread, trim off the waste
  7. Run the black wire (about 6 -7 open turns) to the hook eye, secure with the thread and worry off the waste
  8. Add dark grey dubbing to the thread and create a small thorax about 2-3 mm long
  9. Secure the thread behind the eye with a whip finish, applying varnish to the thread before the whip finish.