Project Description

Jeff “Razors” Wilkinson runs Razor Sharp Flies. He ties quality flies commercially to order and also supplies a limited range of fly tying materials prepared by himself.

He is perhaps one of the most innovative and creative fly tyers that we have had as a Guest Speaker at the CFT&FFC. He is also a successful angler on the competition scene and is a regular fisherman at Grafham and Farmoor 2. His flies are often used by competition anglers and have proven to be highly successful, often when other, normally successful, flies have not been of interest on the day.

Jeff demonstrated the tying of a (competition) Damsel Nymph, a Black Hopper, a Suspender Shrimp and a Cormorant pattern. In addition to tying these flies, he explained some of the methods and techniques that he has personally found to be successful in fishing them, and for other fly patterns that he has developed and created.

This was an both an informative and an entertaining evening with a great deal of interest being shown in the extensive range of flies tied by him and the materials that he skillfully uses to create them.