Al Owen is an experienced fly fisherman, professional fly tyer and a guide on Rutland Water. He has a particular expertise in the tying of the most common food of trout in lakes – the buzzer. Al not only demonstrated the tying of several highly successful buzzer patterns but also discussed the various aspects of fishing this nymph and its presentation. He extended his talk to include the Diawl Bach, cruncher and the FAB – the two tone version and the options for fishing it.

Al gave the benefit of his experience of materials, especially barbless hooks, fritz, holographic tinsel, capes and leader/tippet material.

Al uses Dohiku barbless hooks for small blobs (#14). Unfortunately they are difficult to obtain because of commercial restrictions on their supply and they are expensive (£4.99 per 25). The same hook under the name of Ashumo is available in limited amounts from Bill McIllroy.

Fritz: for blobs was FNF Jelly Fritz; for cruncher was Micro black UV Fronz from Funky Fly Tying.

Al uses 10lb X-line fluorocarbon leader material for most fishing on Rutland or occasionally the more expensive Rio Fluoroflex Plus. He normally fishes 4 flies with 3.5ft between each fly and 10ft from the top dropper to the fly line. He sometimes puts an FAB on the point and as a variation, additionally on the top dropper – which has proven to be a very effective technique.