A report about a trip on the 1st November. On 1st November, Bob Ayres and me were fortunate enough to get a day on the Denford Fishery on the River Kennett. This is a small estate of mainly carrier fishing which has undergone drastic improvements over the last 4 years, after it seems, years of neglect .As yet, it is not completely settled down. Big catches are not yet the order of the day at Denford, the fishing, in the main, is not easy, but the Estate is very pleasant and the Keeper first rate. Between us we had 3 grayling, the best 17The intriguing thing about Denford is that, in conjunction with the E A, they have a grayling breeding programme which involves taking grayling ’’ –taken on a #14 PTN with a 3.5mm gold tungsten bead, fished upstream into one of the few deep pools. caught by rod and line – transporting them to the E A Breeding Station where they are brought into breeding condition. The eggs are stripped and fertilised and the parent Grayling returned to Denford, apparently no worse for wear. The first batch of fry, about 6000, were returned to the river in March of this year and the Keeper reckons these fry are now 75 – 100mm long. This is, apparently, year 1 of a 5 year programme, hopefully resulting in an excellent grayling fishery.