John Poote and John Goldie

The water that greeted us early morning was very clear with a slight ripple.  Air temperature approx. 11degC to 14 C later.  Cloudy but bright.  Wind slight from SW.

We started at anchor 100m from Rainbow Corner along the South bank. John P on sink tip, John G on fast intermediate.   Both using cruncher, DB, John P a cat’s whisker, John G a McLeod black and green lure  on the point (this fly caught most of the fish).  JP’s had an intense lime collar.  No action so we moved to the buoy closest to rainbow corner.  We both had a hook up but neither stayed on.  We unhooked from the buoy and started a drift along the East bank.  Due to the wind and water movement we actually zig-zagged.  We started to pick up fish all along this bank and stayed there all day.  Twice we both had fish on at the same time.   Marker no 7, 40 to 75m out  was the hot spot.  We had 20+ fish to the boat, mostly to John P’s end!  A couple  3+lb fish.  John G changed to sink tip when the fish started rising for about 15mins.  They liked to chase surface pulled booby.  John P changed to a black and green snake-let and caught fish.  Once things went quiet it was time to pack up.   There were only a few boats out including a couple of pike fishermen.  No boats out the day before.

With the good fishing, no rain, not cold and beautiful sky above, lots of laughs, a perfect day.

John Goldie 13/11/20