It was a cloudy grey day with temperature not exceeding 5 degrees, and no ice in the boat. Thankfully we had a calm day with a slight breeze. John knows this reservoir very well. Having watched a video  taken from near the jetty which showed some large rainbows and huge perch and hundreds of fry we knew where we would begin fishing.

We tackled up , John using  Di 5 and Keith Di 7. A white fritz bodied booby on point for Keith with a coral FAB on dropper and John using his White Humungous Booby (see pic) and a blob on dropper. We decided this would give us an idea of the depth the fish were feeding. It was so calm the anchor wasn’t necessary and it only took us 5 minutes from the jetty to begin fishing.

John hooked first fish before 9 am and that was the start of a very fruitful day. Keith managed 1 by 11am and decided it was time to change to a Di5 sweep line. John had caught several at this stage and gave Keith one of his ‘killer’ Humungous Boobys. He gratefully accepted this.

We decided with a slight breeze, to drift and fish out of back of the boat. Two other boats were anchored  near 7 marker and were catching also. However the most productive method was drifting and letting line out and retrieving very slowly. Most takes were very delicate. Once Keith had mastered this method the afternoon became a frenzy of fish. John kept on catching all day with the biggest fish being a cracking one of approx 4.5lb . The afternoon session proved to hold the bigger fish. When fish were spooned none of hem had any sign of fry , snail or buzzers.

After a very fine shower of rain and the cloud thickening it seemed to get dark very quickly. The last casts were made at 4 pm and we called it a day with only a 2 minute boat ride back to the jetty and more than 35 fish to the boat we felt we had ‘cracked it’. The jigger jigger method was not used today. Maybe next time we go with Mr Goldie we will try this method again!

John is going to give us a class in how to tie this White Humungous Booby as it accounted for nearly all the fish today.

Keith Allison 2 November 2020