A chilly and very misty flat calm water greeted us with the sun hidden behind low cloud.  Warden Nigel raised our hopes when he told us previous day’s rod average was ten, but there might have been only a couple of boats out.  He also gave us a clue that white lures on a DI5 had worked. All we had to do now was find the fish. 
Only one other trout boat was taken.

Mr Goldie in “Heron” mode ready to strike

For an hour the dense rolling mist came from the south but there was no detectable wind. The sun gradually chased the mist away and with so little wind the boat had a mind of its own, so we had a spell tied up to a buoy but  no luck. Both of us on a DI5, John P one dropper with white lure on point.  John G a sparkle booby on 15ft leader. Another boat closer to seven marker than us was catching fish back drifting toward the East bank. We parted company from the buoy and slowly drifted towards the East bank and started catching fish about 70m out from East bank, 50m south of seven marker.  The warden had reminded us that bigger fish were deeper than the  smaller fish. John G caught four fish on the hang with 15ft of flyline out.  John P had noticed that when he was on the hang and John G was casting the boat rocked he hooked fish. Things went quiet for a while and John P mentioned the boat rocking effect so John G simulated the effect and John P hooked a fish immediately! We called this Jigger Jigger method and continued to catch fish. By 3pm there were several boats and six bank anglers in the seven marker area. We had twenty plus fish to the boat.  There were more fish at John P’s end but bigger fish were at the other end, possibly because John G let his DI5 sink for longer. Another fishy and entertaining day came to an end with a spectacular sunset.

John Goldie 29 November 2021