The Secretary’s Plate (Heaviest Fish) Competition

Once again this competition was held on Ravensthorpe Reservoir. It was a boat based contest with a “kill two fish then catch and release” ticket.

The weather was warm and sunny with occasional cloudy periods and a slight and often variable light breeze.

Fish were seen rising throughout the day though well spread apart across the reservoir. It appeared that many fish had gone in to the deeper, cooler water.

Stuart Foulds/Geoff Darby and Keith Allison/Keith Vernon went to the north (Coton Bay). Soon Stuart had caught one fish and lost another on blood worm fished deep after having no success on dry fly. Geoff managed one fish on a GRHE in the afternoon at the Domes and Stuart caught 2 on a snake and lost several more.

John Pearce and John Goldie made for the bay in front of the lodge. John Pearce had success (7 fish) on Diawl Bach, green/black lure and snakes and John Goldie managed to entice one fish.

Bob Sharp/Peter Goodwin fished the south-west shore with Bob managing to catch 3 fish.

Keith Allison blanked in the morning but managed to catch two fish in the afternoon, one of which was the heaviest fish winning him the Secretary’s Plate.

                            No. Fish Caught          Fish Weighed
Keith Allison                  2                           2lb 10oz
John Pearce                  7                            2lb 9oz
John Goldie                   1                            2lb 4oz
Bob Sharp                     3                                  –
Stuart Foulds                 3                                   –
Geoff Darby                   1                                   –

All round a tough days fishing supported by the weekly rod average for Ravensthorpe dropping from 7.6 to 3.1, primarily due to the warm weather putting the fish down and into deeper water.