Lindsay Simpson was the guest Speaker on Thursday 12th December 2019. Lindsay has achieved several England Loch-style fishing caps and has fished for the Army for very many years. He began the evening by giving advice, from his experience as a competition angler, on how to best approach a day’s reservoir fishing. Lindsay emphasised the importance of the preparation required before the fishing day: being aware of the weather for several days beforehand, checking fishing reports and speaking to any locals you may know as well as seeking advice from the fishery staff. Then there was the matter of having the fishing tackle well organised, having spare leaders tied up, and the importance of having a watch clearly visible in front of you to time accurately how long a sinking line is left to sink before the retrieve – rather than relying on the “consistency” of counting in your head!

After the coffee break, Lindsay tied three of his go-to competition flies, the Midas, Woofter Booby Variant and a Tan Buzzer; and then a favourite fly for pleasure fishing, a white Mini-Snake. As is quite usual for Lindsay, each of the flies was tied using some new and interesting materials that have only recently come on to the market.